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Service for selling files online suggestions?

I already have a distributor, I'm just looking for a service (or even a script) that will allow me to let someone pay via Paypal (for a high quality / raw wav or iso files that one cannot obtain otherwise via digital retailers) and be sent a custom link immediately, or direct them straight to the file. (Whether it be hosted on their servers or mine)

I've looked into a few options:
Megauploads fileshop, it requires a paid account which is $5 monthly and they take 5% of each sale...

Clickbank, it requires a one time flat fee of $50 and they take $1 and .005% of each sale or something to that extent.

Anyone have any other suggestions?


Pro Audio Guest Wed, 05/30/2007 - 04:13
I found a few solutions after a little more research...
I guess no one knew what I was talking about. :P

For subscriptions: (Apache + PHP/MySQL)

For downloads: (Apache + PHP/MySQL) (I think this will run on IIS and Apache, no MySQL needed, just PHP.)

Didn't find any freebies, you have to pay for these scripts...

Pro Audio Guest Tue, 06/12/2007 - 10:05
If you get yourself a shop application you can take a lot more control over the process, and have encrypted links with timeouts if you feel you need to protect yourself that way.

Take a look at:


Hope this helps


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