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Setting up MIDI triggers

Hey. I'm wondering how I can make my Midi keyboard trigger an arpeggiation with just pressing one note. more specifically, lets say I want the keyboard to go through a G scale by only pressing a G chord...looking to reproduce sounds like the ones made by the band MUSE. Thanks.


pr0gr4m Sun, 08/20/2006 - 22:27
Need some more info on this one.

What keyboard?
Are you using any sort of computer software and if so what software?

Some keyboards come with a built in arpeggiator, some don't. But there are some software arpeggiators that you could use if you are using a computer.

If you are not using a computer, you would need a device like the Oberheim Cyclone which has been out of production for like 10 years or so.

mercurix Mon, 08/21/2006 - 03:26

I'm using an M-Audio Keystation 61...not many options on is normally Reason, Kontakt 2,'s a Mac G5....I'm not a piano player, i only understand the theory behind it, but no speed on my fingers. What i want is to creat arpeggiated runs by just pressing the tonal note of the chord...there must be some way to make keys into triggers for that. thanks a lot.

pr0gr4m Mon, 08/21/2006 - 15:05
For reason, check this out:

Here's something I found about using Kontakt2's KSP as an arpeggiator

...and for Absynth there isn't one in that program.

It doesn't look like there's an easy option for you. Your best option looks to be to use one of the methods from the first link above. I could not find any VST arpeggiator plugins.