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Setup for recording and jamming

I want to setup my studio where I can record on a multitrack audio interface like (PreSonus Firepod or MOTU) and still have the option to just jam with a band with floor monitors(for things like vocals). I want to be able to control the volume on the monitors seperately from the volume I set the control board(audio interface) to record at. I want to do all this without having to ever disconnect wires from one interface(ex. MOTU) to another (ex. Behringer mixing board). Help?


RemyRAD Mon, 03/06/2006 - 22:30
OK, assuming you have a mixing board and your computer multitrack interface, you need to plug your microphones into the mixer. You'd need to take a combination of subgroup outputs i.e. 1 2 3 4 and some isolated direct outs or insert outputs to other channel inputs on your computer multitrack interface. If you're using the inserts as outputs, in all likelihood it will interrupt the consoles internal signal flow. You can purchase a Radio Shaft adapter that is a 1/4" tip ring sleeve to female RCA. The 1/4" connector will short the internal insert while providing an output simultaneously. This will allow the signal to flow through the console while giving you an isolated " direct" output. You should be able to use your console as you would for a live show while simultaneously able to multitrack. You'll have full control of your monitor and effect sends which will have no effect on your multitrack record. I do this all of the time for numerous bands that want to do the same thing you are asking here. Lots of fun and you'll be amazed at the quality of your recordings if you're not overloading the preamplifiers in your mixer.

On the other hand, if your multitrack input is designed for microphones only, you may have to purchase some 1/4" line to XLR microphone attenuators from companies like Shure. Then plug-in everything as described above.

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