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Several New Studio Questions for nOOb.

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First of all, thank you for any help!

I am looking into getting this MBOX 2 Mini ProTools bundle for beginning a home project studio.

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I am looking for any differing reviews than the ones I have found already.
Any thoughts on the MXL 990 condenser mic, the M-Audio StudioPro3 monitors, or just the MBox 2 mini in general? So far it seems like it is decent value for the money, but not too good in the grand scheme of equipment.

I am not looking for professional quality, just something to let me track different instruments.

If I wanted to add a secondary microphone, what would be a good all-purpose choice? Instruments that would be recorded include drums, electric bass, acoustic and electric guitar, hand and rhythm percussion, and voice.

I also have a MIDI-capable keyboard. It connects to the computer through a MIDI to USB wire. I understand that there is no MIDI inputs on the MBox 2 mini, but would I be able to use my current MIDI setup in ProTools?

Thank you again for any input!



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RemyRAD Mon, 12/10/2007 - 14:05
The mini, is probably the cheapest way to get into ProTools. Unfortunately the mini only offers a single microphone input as opposed to the M-Box 2 which offers, 2 microphone inputs. Yup, you'll pay annexed the 100+ dollars for that. But worth it in the grand scheme of things. Besides, with the M-Box 2, if you have another audio device, such as an old broken used DAT recorder, which can be used as an analog to digital converter, the M-Box 2 can actually recorded 4 channels simultaneously. And, you'll have ProTools.

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