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Seymour Duncan Convertible

Hi guys!
First time poster here, so admins, if this thread is posted in the wrong area, feel free to put it anywhere you'd like.

I was searching for info on a Seymour Duncan Convertible 2000 when I stumbled across this forum. Maybe someone can help me out here:-)

Here's the deal: I have a Rivera M-100 head, it's a great amp, however GAS is getting a hold of me and I'm thinking I want to try out something new.. I like many styles of music, anything from prog, to Sabbath, to shred, to cheezy 80's metal, thrash, and even some death metal.. A metal head with a weakness for 70's prog, Rush, King Crimson and Steve Hackett in particular.. Harr-harr :lol:

Anyway, I got two offers today: One is the above mentioned Seymour Duncan Convertible 2000, which I was told by the seller this unit used to belong to Mike Rutherford.. Hmm, interesting! Other than that I have no idea what this unit sounds like, so hopefully someone can shine a light and enlighten me here:)

The other offer I had was a Marshall JCM 900 sl-x (50 watts).
A lot of my favorite guitarplayers plays/played Marshall (who didn't in the 70's and 80's), but I have never actually owned one myself..
If I was to go for a Marshall, would this be a good choise?

Thanks in advance, and be safe people! Rock on


Davedog Wed, 03/14/2007 - 23:33
If I may....How much are they asking for the Convertible??

Nosy, I know. I own one.

You may like it and you may not. I kind of depends on the preamp tubes and the modules and what order they're plugged in in either of the channels.

It can sound great for some things....really great....Its an amp that deals well with effects. Its got a lot of things on it that have evolved since Seymour built this thing and have become standard on boutique specialty amps

If its cheap and in good condition its probably worth a listen.

Pro Audio Guest Thu, 03/15/2007 - 00:41
I'm not sure what he's asking in $, but I'm in Norway, probably one of the most (if not THE most) expensive countries in the world. Remember there's a 25% tax on almost everything here.. Then again hospitalization and stuff is free so I guess I shouldn't complain:)
The price he was asking for the Convertible was definitely lower than I would think my Rivera to be worth. I figure I could sell my Rivera for a good $3-400 more than his SD price without any real hassle. Maybe I can cut a deal with him throwing in some money or extra stuff.
He mentioned a 5u rack.. Could be sweet for effects and stuff.. Or I could just go for the Marshall..
Heh, not sure what I should do here..
But please answer this for me Mr. Davedog; can the Convertible do high gain playing as well, or is it a "nice" kind of amp?


Davedog Thu, 03/15/2007 - 16:23
Again...Its totally dependant on the modules he has installed in the preamp section.

Each preamp tube sits in its own module with various types of preamplification applied at this point. There are a couple of high-gain modules taht were available at one time, but finding one now is like a needle in the haystack thingy. I guess my answer to you would be a 'nice amp'.......BUT it has much better tone than any 900 Marshall could hope for.

For high-gain heavy style guitar I would not choose the Seymour Duncan.

But you need to try it to determine this reality.