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Should I go for this 32 channel Yamaha PM-1000 console?

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I posted this on R.A.P. too but got little response and I kind of have to make a decision quick. So I'm just starting up a tiny studio to do demos, learn, and record my band. I'm using a PC DAW with a Mackie 1604 on which I just fried channels 3 & 4. It would cost about $600 to fix.

I have the opportunity to pick up a 32 channel PM1000 (32 version of the PM1000 Mercenary has) for ~$700. It's HUGE and I could fit it but hardly need all those channels. I don't have half that many mics yet! Plus, I would probably need to rig up a patch bay for all my future outboard gear. I know it will sound better than anything else I can get my hands on for $700. I guess the only issue is would I be going overboard with this thing? It's probably over 150 lbs! Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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atlasproaudio Mon, 10/08/2001 - 21:17
Yes!! Have you had the opportunity to check each channel? Even if the whole thing doesn't work, it is a good deal. You might find that in the future you will grow into a 32 ch easily. If you are just using it for preamps, it might be space consuming, but what the hell. It will also have some visual "wow" :eek: factor for possible future clients if you find that your skills are needed by other musicians other than your own projects. Good Luck!

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mymarch Wed, 10/10/2001 - 04:12
Grab it! I've got 2 16 channel versions and they sound great. I use one for extra mic pres (which really sound great for the $$) and the other as a big-ass summing amp for mixing down from a daw. Since the daw is sort of a front-end on mixdown, having only 2 auxes on the PM1000 isn't an issue. Same goes for inserts... I just take the output of the d/a converters directly to whichever piece of hardware is appropriate and then into the pm-1000. I find these little beasts to sound best when you really hit them hard!! If you decide to grab it, I know a guy who has factory sealed channel and master modules for it if you should need some... drop me an email. Good luck!

Martin Trum