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Shure 16L for Brass (results)

Hi. . If you have read this thread
you will know that we are trying to build a basic recording facility for our brass band...

We were given one Shure Prologue 16L mic . very old, needs a battery. Have read that its not so good a mic.
Now. at the moment its our only benchmark. so, for Micing Brass would a SM57 provide better results than the 16L in two situations.

A) overhead for wide coverage
B) close up


Here is a test recording we did with the 16L . . its a Flac file.

Do prologue 16L mic's excel in any one area ?
For example. if we were offered 2 new SM57's or 4 old 16L's for the same price what would be the better deal ?

Thanks for any feedback

PS. as I'm starting to take notice of these things. . Noddy Holder had a 16L in front of him on Top of the Pops in 1983 singing Merry Xmas with Slade. .just seen it on TV and we are nowhere near December yet !




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