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Signal chain?

I'm using a digi 001. I want to use a Focusrite voicemaster pro to apply effects to vocal tracks tracks that have already been recorded but I don't know how to route it.

Can anyone help?


Pro Audio Guest Fri, 05/05/2006 - 12:58
on Protools send your vocal track to one of your interface outputs. Then from the corresponding output on your 001 interface, send the signal to the input of your vocal thing. I'm not sure if that signal needs to be preamplified before going into the vocal thing though... then from the output of your vocal thing, send the signal back into the 001 using one of the interface inputs. Create a new track on Protools with the input of that track being the same as the input you chose on the 001 interface. Go back and play the vocal track with the new track being in record mode so you can hear the effects. Make your adjustments and then record the signal. Then you can just play both tracks together and control the amount of the effect you want by moving the fader of the newly recorded signal up and down. I'm not sure if your vocal thing has a wet/dry knob, but if it does, be sure to turn it fully wet.

That's one way to do it. Life gets a little easier when you have a console with inserts though. Man reading my own writing made me confused.. but i think if you concentrate hard enough you might get it...