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Simple, inexpensive 8 track recorder

I'm using GarageBand with an Alesis Firewire Mixer for my inputs, but I need to record more than 8 tracks at a time. Can anyone recommend a simple, 8 track simultaneous recorder for 8 XLR ins? I don't even need it to mix, as I'm eventually going to just lay the tracks off to GarageBand.


Boswell Wed, 01/10/2007 - 16:24
What do you mean by "more than 8 tracks at a time?" Do you mean that you need to deal with more than 8 live sources in one session, or simply that you will end up with more than 8 tracks on the record after all the tracking is done and before mixdown?

I think I would use an Alesis HD24 in both cases. Otherwise, it's daisy-chained multi-channel FireWire interfaces and different software. For only 8 channels at the low end of the price range, you could couple a Fostex VR800 with a Behringer ADA8000, but I'm assuming you want something better than that.

Boswell Thu, 01/11/2007 - 03:43
My recommendation is to go with the HD24 - it's a professional-quality unit. You would need multichannel mic pre-amps to taste. You could choose either line output units or ones with built-in AD converters with ADAT lightpipe outputs. If you use line outs, you would get better digital quality through choosing the HD24XR model. You would also need the FireWire drive caddy adaptor.

So your recording rig would be two 8-channel mic pre-amps and an HD24. When you get back to base, you transfer the HD24 recordings to your computer via FireWire and then mix down. It's a tried and tested process.