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Skipping in Cubase SX3 on a laptop

Hi there,

When recording 5 minutes worth of audio from a Tascam US-122 (USB 1.1) on a WinXP Dell laptop (1.73 ghz P4 1 GB RAM) using Cubase SX3, we get an occasional skip during the recording which sounds horrible. As we track live, it sounds as if the metronome skips a fraction of a second, and the track played back sounds as it just skips in time. I think it has to do with a processor hiccup due to Windows not setting the priority right, but I'm not sure. I've given priority to background services and set the Cubase process to real-time priority, yet we're still getting skips. We're recording to a FireWire LaCie drive (7200 RPM I believe . . . we've recorded on it at other studios before and it's been fine). We've disabled all virus scans and such.

Any ideas to help us out?



Pro Audio Guest Tue, 04/25/2006 - 21:51
USB 1.1 is a terrible rate of transfer, that could easily cause the choking.

Have you optimized your computer for recording tasks - this site is useful

Also, no disrespect , a 1.8 Ghz P4 is not unusable but is not particularly powerful - for example cubase sx3 recommends a 2.8 ghz p4 for optimum performance. You have a good amount of ram and a fast hdd which helps but raw processor power is important.