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SM-57 Recording Interference


I recently bought an SM-57. I have problems when recording with it; I know that it is not the microphone or lo-z cable or lo-hi z adapter because I have used it in limited equipment circumstances and it performs well.]

When I run it into my computer through the line-in, however, I get a chorus-like digital interference effect. No other mic I have used has done this, although I have only used USB mics thus far, and mainly condensers, not dynamic cardiod mics. What could be causing this interference? I know it is not the environment, but rather some part of my computer setup.

Here is a link to a recording, it's with my old beat-up campfire guitar but you'll be able to hear what I am describing. (small file size)





vtr Fri, 03/09/2012 - 12:44
Bit of guesswork here, but it sounds like a delayed feedback loop. You may be listening to two copies (possibly the input and the output) of the sound combined (with a fair amount of latency in between).

Also, line levels are lo Z and much higher than mic levels, the adaptor may not be of any real help.


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