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SM81 vs. AT4040 for Voice

What are the pros/cons of the SM81 vs. AT4040 specifically for voice?

The targer vocalists are young female and male rockers, older male blues and rock.


anonymous Sun, 08/17/2003 - 20:12

I don't know anything about those specific mics, but it seems like a good part of the question is the issue of whether small diaphragm or large diaphragm mics are better on lead vocals. (I'm assuming the 4040 is large diaphrgm?)

I was taught there are so many factors in choosing a mic for a specific application: off-axis response, handling noise, degree of proximity effect, proneness to popping and sibilance, warmness of sound, clarity of sound, and so on.

I know there is a very famous thread somewhere that is about 100 pages long that discusses all these issues in great detail. Maybe someone could put up a link to it, as that would probably contain far more complete information than anyone could possibly post on their own.

Or is there some rule against posting off-site links here? Seems like I just saw someone else on another thread try to do that (Bear?) unsuccesfully. :confused:

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