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snare samples for you

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Hi All,

I have always had an enjoyable experience on this site, always been helpful so I thought I'd attempt to make some snare samples to repay people on here. This is the 1st time ive tried this (will do more in future) so im not sure if they're usable but as they say, variety is the spice of life. You can never have too many samples i guess!

Its a maple snare mic'd in a dead room. Top mic is a 57, bottom mic is at4040. Both mics are on axis running into an ISA428 into apogee converters into DAW. (The at4040 is phase reversed). No processing has been done at all, what you are hearing is straight off the mics. They were recorded at 24/48 and have been dithered down to 16/44.1.
I havent cut the samples as I know people prefer to cut things differently.

The files are named as follows: mapleA top and bottom 1, mapleA top and bottom 2, mapleB top and bottom 1, etc.

Its all the same snare, the A, B and C indicate that different mic placement was used for the top mic. "top and bottom 1" indicates the top and bottom mic signals are mixed together with a lower amount of the bottom mic, the higher the number, the more of the bottom mic was mixed in.

I have another steel snare which has a nice snap to it, when i get more time I will give it a go and perhaps do both raw and processed versions.