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Some amp opinions

I know this a bit off topic, but I didn't know where else to post it. I have been looking at getting a new amp head for a while but I want some of your guys opinions because so far you guys have been a big help. I play metal mostly, and love the tube sound. The three that I have my eye on are

Mesa F-100 Head
Peavey XXX
Peavey JSX

The only reason why the mesa triple rectifier isn't up there is the price. It's just too much for me right now. But out of those three what do you think. I have a Mesa F-30 combo and it sounds pretty good and I have heard that the F-100 sounds great which is why it is up there. I like the Peavey XXX because it's got some sweet gain, and I havn't been able to try the JSX yet. Well, what do you guys think, and if you have any suggestions for nice tube amps that got a lot of drive I'd love to hear em.


Pro Audio Guest Sat, 04/01/2006 - 11:32
i would stay away from the xxx or the jsx simply because unless your playing at a huge venue 150watts is just too much power. My guitar player had a xxx and it was a constant issue because the tone isn't their at low volume. I'd recommend something with 50 or 100 watts if you want super meatl tone so you can crank you volume and gain and people will still listen to you

StevenColbert Sun, 04/02/2006 - 05:30
mud5150 wrote: 150watts is just too much power. My guitar player had a xxx and it was a constant issue because the tone isn't their at low volume.
I don't own any of the amps you mentioned. But I do want to agree with mud5150.
150W is too much for a small club. As are 100W Marshall amps. And he's also right about, "the tone just isn't there at lower volumes". In addition I played in a band (last year) and the guitarist was always being asked to "TURN DOWN". He played a 120W Marshall tube amp.
But I do have the solution for you...
I own a 125W tube head. It's a H&K and I love the big tube sautration crunch it gets. I use a speaker emulator made by Marshall the SE100. Groove Tubes makes a newer version called the SEII. Both will run you around $500 to $600.
They are soo worth it. I love my SE100. It really allows me to get great tone at lower volumes. And the distortion is AWESOME thru these. You can play with a guitar cabinet or w/o a guitar cabinet and just record direct.
And if all you do is club, then you still don't need a cabinet. Just plug your guitar into your amp, then to the SE100, and then to the soundboard in the club.
The Marshall SE100 is no longer made. I got mine used, off ebay for $500. If you are looking for a Groove Tubes SEII, I think JB Sound sells those new.
There are also other models out there. Like the THD hotplate or the Marshall powerbrake (I read bad reviews on this model) to name a couple. But I read that the Marshall SE100 and the Groove Tubes SEII are the better of the bunch.