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some tips on how to mix live drums tracks

hello. Having used drums samples and loops so far, now i am diving into a project where i have to mix real live drums recorded in a studio. The separate tracks comprise. as usual, snare, kick, toms, hihat, n.2 OH, and Figure-eight takes. Before getting into an uncontrollable mess, does anybody have some tips on how to start with it?


tifftunes Sat, 06/02/2007 - 21:04
Sub mix everything but the kick to a stereo bus (if you're planning a stereo mix), and compress that to fit, and compress the kick separately, then mix together with the rest of the instruments and tweak to taste. That's is one method.

I usually just throw all the faders up and start there until I like what I'm hearing. There are a number of "seasonings" that can be thrown in. And "subtractive" mixing is my style (what can I do without). Simlpe is alway best for me. I use a clock as a "boundry/limitation." So, quickest is "best-est."