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Sonar Drum Sequencer?

Hey guys, i've posted about this issue in the past. What I'm looking for is a drum sequencer that ican use inside Sonar. I am aware there is a midi drum sequencer but I am looking to use a drum sequencer where i can load wavs, and what not. I do not use the rewrire to FL device, as it eats up my latency!
anyways, are there any plugins? or something i missed?


MrEase Sat, 02/17/2007 - 15:34
If you look at the latest Sonar version 6, it now has session drummer 2 which you can load wave samples to. Upgrading might be a cheaper option than buying a seperate drum sequencer and you will also get the benefits of the other improvements and additions.

Otherwise there seem to be a lot of users that seem impressed with EZDrummer - depends on your budget really.