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SoundDiver Adaptations

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Do we have any SoundDiver experts out there? Particularly in the field of Adaptations.

I have been trying to make an adaptation for a simple GM module and I am getting nowhere. If I can't get thins I will never get the complex ones.

It is a long shot but could someone put me out of my misery and show me where to find an adaptation for an Akai SG01k.

I've surfed for the last 3 days and nothing . . please point me in the direction of a good starting point . a user group . something!


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Nate Tschetter Mon, 04/01/2002 - 09:25
Hi Kev

Ugh, I haven't used SoundDiver in years. And, as I recall, my last attempt to use it was programming an XG front end for Logic. This was with one of the earliest versions of SD so I have no idea where their at now.

Maybe someone else will chime in with some info. If you find something, let us know.