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Speak About Pro Tools HD for Windows?

:( You spend about 40,000 € for a pro tools HD2 DAW with AV Option for professional Post-production, and with Windows XP version of the software you CAN'T IMPORT AUDIO CD Tracks into a session.(Mac version only!)
We must use XP version because we have a big post farm with 8 AVID Mediacomposer and Adrenaline systems and 2 Pro Tools as before attached to an AVID Unity.
2nd:To import or export mp3 for the web,after spending 40,000€,you must send 20 USD to register the mp3 option.Note that we own OMF and Digitranslator,Machine control option and AV film otpion. .RIDICOLOUS!


David French Thu, 12/30/2004 - 10:08

Why don't you just use a third party CD audio extractor like Exact Audio Copy and a third party mp3 encoder like Lame? Both are free and both are just about the best pieces of software for their respective tasks. You could use EAC to rip the CD track to a .wav file on your hard disk, then import the .wav to a track in PT. Also, you could export your PT mix as a .wav, then convert it with Lame, which uses EAC as a GUI.

anonymous Thu, 12/30/2004 - 13:25

I already do this...

I already do this using wavelab or cdxtract,but I'd like to say that,Cubase,Nuendo,Logic,Wavelab,Digital Performer and so on,softwares that cost about 500 -1000€ have CD extraction utility so,I think Pro Tools,that's really very expensive and it's considered the most professional platform to make audio and post-pro recording should make things that really cheap software already make!!!! :D



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