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Spending the weekend burning-in my new MSP5A's. So far,

so good, nice and unimpressive, bass drums on Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody"(CD), are "floppy"(Like the head's coming off the bass drum.), as expected, in the first 5 minutes of operation. Astounding that my ears were ringing after just a few minutes listening at what I thought was not a high level(Though my ears were about 2 feet from the things!). I've always heard that "clean" never sounds "loud"? Still, I must watch(Or listen?) myself to avoid further damage to my already ruined ears.

Anyone use a sub with such speakers? In the same ballpark, price-wise, maybe 500? Neat-o to have one someday, though not needed, professionally, for my own work(VO), as I'm not very bassy.

Speaking of speakers and testing of same, does anyone have a suggestion or two for CD's I might fly to the store and buy that are recorded in the latest/greatest digital everything, superb quality, that I can use to hear how my speakers are working? All of "my music" is "re-mastered"(Ick) from their 30+ year old analog tapes(Like Queen) - or worse... As I'm 52, I have no modern music, perse. My wife has lot's of stuff, but Kenny G., Jim Brickman, and another fellow who seems to sing mostly in Spanish(?) don't make it for me... I'm sure I wouldn't hear much of the speakers while I was throwing up..? I did hear part of an album by one, Diana Krall, at the Bose store, awhile back? Seemed nice, clean, clear, etc. Would she and her recordings be a good "reference"? If so, which specifically? Any recommended modern recordings of classical music(The "hits", as it were), or other natural or electronic-type music that you would recommend? Are there any good "test CD's"? My old Radio Shack test record might be nice, but, no TT preamp, at the moment(I'm kidding...)(Actually, I'm kidding about the old test record but not the TT pre! Any suggestions here? I have a lot of ancient albums I'd like to try "transferring" to CD, myself - almost all old comedy records(Dozens of them), so quality is NOT a big issue(ha!)... just a decent TT pre.

Speaking of the Bose store, some years ago I listened to their demonstration, in their little "theater" and part of the demo included what sounded like an African "choir"? Like "native" music? It was spectacular, haunting, gorgeous. I asked the counter guy and he gave me "the name", but, I couldn't find it anywhere - I wonder? Anyone remember/know this?



RemyRAD Fri, 05/05/2006 - 21:30

If you really want to hear some lovely state-of-the-art quality recordings, checkout recordings from Tom Jung of DMP records. He is also a writer for Pro Audio Review and one of the best engineers around. I've known Tom since I was 15 years old and he was chief engineer of a studio that he built in Minneapolis called Sound 80 in the early seventies and now I'm 50! One of the first people to release recordings recorded with the DSD systems and mixed in Sequoia.

Like TheArchitect, I too am a big fan of Roger Nichols engineering for Steely Dan, truly superb. I also love anything that Bruce Swedien and George Massenburg have done over the course of their careers. I've known George also since I was 15! I worked for the same studio that George used to work for in Baltimore and also used to go to his ITI studio in Hunt Valley Maryland before they went out of business on numerous occasions. My heroes! But then I also worked in New York City at Media Sound along with Bob Clearmountain, who recorded all of the Tears for Fears and Simple Minds. Then there's Michael Delugg, who did all of Barry Manilow's recordings. These guys are the powerhouses of the industry!

Now all you have to do is listen to any of those CDs and make your mixes sound the same! Now wasn't that easy? Just add water and stir.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery
Ms. Remy Ann David

TeddyG Sat, 05/06/2006 - 18:20

My knowledge is sooooo lacking. Wouldn't the Fagen/Steely Dan things be "analog", remastered to digital?

And the DMP stuff, can one buy it at the store? Be specific RR, "which"? The on-line catalog is long and my brain is short......

ThankYOU, though! I will look for these things at the "Coconuts"!

Anything else, anyone??? I may want another one or two?


RemyRAD Sat, 05/06/2006 - 21:08

Teddy, I do believe that much of the Steely Dan releases over the past 10-20 years have mostly been digitally oriented, at least with some ProTools and triggered samplers, like Rogers "Wendel"? At least I've read some of that in the trade publications over the years, that Roger has expounded upon. I' ve actually bumped into Roger Nichols over the years at the AES shows in New York and have told him how much I've enjoyed his work. I think his technique is awesome!

I think, for the most part we were talking more about tracking and mixing sound and technique and yes, I think some of that good old stuff we were talking about also was recorded and mastered on analog but the engineering is still superlative and holds up regardless of whether it's analog or digitally created.

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Ms. Remy Ann David