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Starting a mix with the vocals up

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I am doing this for the first time..

(I have about 20 tracks of vocals in a Beach Boy style)

I am digging it...


I will be back, when I have done my mix.. to say more




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MadMoose Wed, 01/02/2002 - 18:57
I've done it a few times. Usually only when I get around to making the vocal fit and I find out that it can't. When I do live sound I always start with the vocals up and then add things around them. Usually because they're the thing in the room that needs the most help.

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Jon Best Thu, 01/03/2002 - 09:49
I used to do more actual work on the vocal early in the song, but now I am more likely to just rough it in, maybe pick the compression/eq but not any more than the rough settings. I do, however, just turn it down a few notches instead of muting it when I'm working on other things- if it's going in the background, I'm more likely to catch things that step on it earlier.