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Static/hum is ruining my inspiration to record!

One month back, I'm recording. Life's a dream. Now despite no change (that I can think of) in my recording process, a white noise or otherwise a static crunch plagues my every new recording.

When I hit record, I hear nothing but silence in my headphones. As soon as I play back what I've just recorded although, suddenly there's either a static crunch or else a humming/whistle. I've bought a new mic, new mic cable, and even a new audio recording box interface deal thing, still no change. I moved the mic from ground level to up in my face, to even ten feet away from my computer setup. Still not the slightest change. I've tweaked every knob I can find on my audio box while recording. Mic gain, master volume, input versus playback - still the exact same pitch and sound of a hum that makes me want throw hands.

If anyone can offer some expertise, I'd love you without shame. Just be warned I'm a computer idiot, and will probably need your guidance broken down into very easy to follow baby steps.

For what's it worth, I have PreSonus Studio one recording software, SM 57 mic, 10 ft mic cable, and both a Audiobox USB as well Onyx Producer 2.2 for my audio interfaces.