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stereo buss uses

back again!

so ive been reading quite a few guides written by old school engineers and i see stereo bus coming up alot...and compressing stereo bus and all this jive...

my conception of what it can be used for seems to be either strictly organizational, or in the case of a live mixing or analog mixing situation it seems like it would be advantageous simply for the fact that you are decreasing the amount of things that need to be manipulated (or at least maybe once you get it set up)

in a daw situation however i dont see the application of this concept. it seems like it would be far better to just keep everything individual, going to the "main bus"

if there are advantages, i would be especially interested in finding out what this "compressing the stereo bus" is all about versus just compressing the individual tracks within that bus - maybe its the same thing? kind of clueless i suppose :P


MadMax Sat, 09/16/2006 - 05:18
You've got it pretty well figured out... sub-grouping to a stereo pair is generally for organization purposes... but not always.

Rather than automating, compressing, effects, eq'ing, say 12 tracks of guitars, vox, or drums, etc... you group them to a stereo set of faders/channels. You can then apply whatever your "purpose" is to two channels as opposed to the individual channels. This reduces the amount of processing overhead your system will require... examples... two compressors instead of 12, two reverb channels instead of 12, etc...

Make sense?


Pro Audio Guest Sat, 09/16/2006 - 05:59
for sure, can never be too sure if something is as simple as it may look when just coming across it radomly...the only thing i was sure of is that it was something in which i should make sure i understand ;)

too many times i have been under the impression i understood the full scope of a topic to learn later i only saw a small piece of the pie...however i would conjecture that this is the way it will always be as one cannot possibly know all sides of all topics when it comes to an artform such as audio recording/production - however there are many people that come damned close!

thank god for the internet!