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Stereo Compressor "mastering"

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Looking for a new compressor for "home" mastering-So nothing above $2k --so maybe in the price range of $ early EMT,Altec,Urei,Orban, dbx all seem to be in that price...on the new front Buzz, Alesis CLX 440, SPL,Dramer_____ maybe wait for a used Avalon 747, Manley, Cranesong,,,probably never in that price range andworking . so whats a poor boy to do?
Our system/chain is a Langevin dual vocal--VS 2480--Orban 642b EQ --Finalizer--and a Masterlink:::::nice sound but a little sterilized..looking for that Manley/GML/Distressor gear at a FMR price---too wishful? cjogo