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stereo vs. mono micing

I recorded a group of people singing a Christmas carol last season. I used 2 mics (L and R). The person that did this with me recommended setting each mic to a stereo channel. What's the advantage of that vs. a mono track for each mic?

I just don't get it :?


Pro Audio Guest Thu, 03/29/2007 - 13:36
from what it sounds like.. if the signals mono the reverb will be mono, which usually isnt the case. in logic when you have your 'effects chain' when you select an effect you can chose mono->mono or mono=>stereo which automatically processes the mono track as stereo through the effect (think going into a boss pedal that has stereo out).

and it sounds like he was suggesting feeding them as left and right so the 2 mics dont come out mono (which would defeat the purpose of 2 mics in the first place no?)