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Strung Out

Hey there, I'm a newb on here, have any of you heard the band 'Strung Out's album 'Twisted by Design?'

You can hear a song off of this link.


I real like the vocal sound in this track, it sounds like he uses doubling quite alot, anyone wanna fill me in on how the vocals have been recorded, I'm writing an essay on it for my music work.

Any help would be mucho appreciated.


jackson413 Tue, 03/28/2006 - 17:57
I have listened to this album along with all of their other work and think I know what your asking about...correct! there is quite a bit of 'doubling';overdubing used however the main effect or sound your hearing on Jason's vocals on most all of SO's albums is extreme pitch correction post tracking... just not convinced he was able to sing all of those high-speed melodic vocal phrases on their ealier albums perfectly in tune. some of their songs are around 240-260bmp...

SO rocks