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Studio project B1 Microphone

I have a studio Project B1 mic and I bought a phantom power 48v amp as it stated that I would need one to get the mic working. I used an XLR to XLR from the mic to the phantom power, then an XLR to Jack lead from the phantom power to the mic input port on my computer but the mic still doesn't work. Does anybody know how I can get the mic working? do I need a mixer, turntable or something? :oops: :(


Pro Audio Guest Fri, 03/10/2006 - 07:36
does your soundcard have a pre in it? If your soundcard says that it has phantom power then you shouldn't need an external preamp. Some of those things can be tricky, with buttons and switches, if 1 XLR is in use then the other cant be powered etc. Be sure to know the users manual well and see of ther is'nt some little problem standing in your way such as levels and switches. Then I might suggest that your power scource may not be capable to supply power to the mic, especialy if the soundcard/interface/pre is bus powered. And no you porbably wont need a mixer to fix that problem... that comes for later problems... weve all had them and sadly you will too. Best of luck!