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Studio Projects jacks up prices? No SP mics at Zzounds?

So in researching Studio Projects C4s, I noticed two things alarming to the consumer. First off, it looks like Studio Projects is in the process of jacking up prices by 20% or so (C4 was $299, now at Sweetwater it's $359. C1 was $199, now it's $239). A couple sites like still have they're mics at the original price but I doubt it'll be for long. The other alarming thing is that and (affiliated), obviously one of their biggest sellers, is no longer stocking their mics! Anyone know what the deal is? Am I missing something here?


JoeH Thu, 09/28/2006 - 10:28
Well, it's worth remembering we DO live in a capitalist society, and everyone is in this to make a profit. I think we've seen some fantastic advances in microphone selection in the last decade (inluding all of the Chinese-made mics, along with the American and European contenders.)

Sooner or later, the bottom will fall out, as its doing with the housing industry right now. It can't last forever, and sooner or later, these smaller companies are going to have to raise their prices to make a living, suffer the pains of being bought-out by bigger companies, or go out of business altogether.

A couple of bucks more for a pair of C4's is fine with me. The bang for the buck for a pair, with both omni & cardioid capsules at $299 was pretty insane a deal anyway. However, I agree it's a pretty serious jump in price (maybe that's a list price at Sweetwater?), but perhaps a phone call to them would clear things up. (FWWIW, I would have probably paid that much originally for a pair of those when they first came out.)

Pro Audio Guest Sat, 09/30/2006 - 23:59
So in researching Studio Projects C4s ...

Yea, I was recently looking for c4s also, and couldn't find them anywhere either. A dealer told me, as stated above, that they were being redesigned and would go up in price. I called the American Distributor (PMI Audio?), and somone said that some of them were being redesigned, but not all of them. They said the c4 was not.

So, two different comments on the c4. Maybe it's being redesigned, if the price is going up.

I finally did find a couple of places that had them. I ended up getting my c4s from here:

On the phone, I hesitated a little, they came down a little in price, I bought them, and got them with no problems ...