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Studio upgrades...

Right now, I have a pretty decent studio already... I have a 12 track mixer going through my audio interface, and have all my instruments mic'ed up and use Sonar 5...

But Im thinking of adding a few more things to get a better sound out of the studio. But I'm not really sure where to start.

Now I know I need a compressor, so I will probably start there... but what other peices of equipment would you recommend for me (I dont really need prices I just need to know what could I add on and what does it do).

What Im trying to achieve is better mastering, right now Im just using plug in's for Sonar . They work, but I want more power and Im used to using buttons opposed to a computer interface...

Thanks in advance.


Scoobie Fri, 09/15/2006 - 14:23
Hello Happydrummer1...........

You didn't say what interface(AD-DA) you had or mis pre's, other than you use a board (mixer) I wouldn't worry about mastering just yet and
start at the front of your chain. If your wanting to improve the sound of your recordings , I would start with better pre's , conversion, mic's.......
That's JMHO,


P.S. I use Sonar and you can get professional results with that sofware.
Mastering is a whole different ballgame. But i do use soundforge
when i try my mastering skills, But i usally send it out .