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Stupid but Important cabling question

Hi everybody..
Will be recording shortly.. plan on having the guitarist in a separate room to his amp (as he'll be singing as well).
Will need to run long cable from his guitar to his amp.. to do this effectively I can't run an unbalanced cable too far.. I understand this.. so, is the next step to use a DI box to make a balanced signal?
From what I understand, the output of the DI box is then a low level (mic level) balanced signal.. but the amp in the other room is gonna need to be fed a TS line (the DI only allows XLR out).
Also, not sure if the signal level change from the DI is then appropriate to feed the amp in the other room.
Major holes in my knowledge of signals, etc... Any help is appreciated in explaining this basic but fundamental question.


moonbaby Wed, 01/24/2007 - 09:40
As a guitar playing soundguy who LOVES his vintage're barking up the wrong tree.
Get a Seymour Duncan Pick-Up Booster at your local Guitar Center type store. This will let your guitarist/singer be in the next county from the amp and not lose signal from a long cable. Keep it within, say 20 feet of the guitarist, then let the box drive as long a cable you need. Keep in mind that the pre-manufactured guitar cables on the market may not be long enough. That's OK, you can get a little 1/4" coupler that will let you add a 2nd cable to it. This way, the guitars' tone will not be hindered by the cable length. The SDPUB is a great little box ($75 US) and will do just what you're looking for. Putting a traditional DI in between the guitar and the amp won't really work, this is the way.