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Suggestions needed for makeshift tracking space

Due to complaints over noise restrictions in my apartment complex I can no longer play louder instruments (recording-level guitars and drums) at all, so I'm trying to find a room to rent primarily for tracking. My criteria are that the space:

a.) is big enough to physically hold a set-up drumkit, guitar amps, and various equipment (say, 9' x 10' minimum) and can power electronic gear

b.) is acoustically adequate / sounds pleasing enough to record decent-sounding demos;
light acoustical treatment is a given

c.) is somewhat climate controlled and is secureable (though these are optional)

My town and surrounding areas don't offer (as far as I can find) rehearsal and/or recording spaces for rent, so I'd like to know if you all can suggest some viable options. Please reply as well if you've had negative experience with going this route.


drumist69 Fri, 02/23/2007 - 21:52
I recorded live drums, bass (direct), and guitar (tube amp in closet), live in a 12'x14' bedroom. Ended up sounding pretty good.
That size is workable, but not comfortable! As for the storage unit, sounds like a bad idea. Security would be iffy at best. Aren't there some cheap spaces downtown rentable? Something above a business that closes at 5 PM, so you have all night to play! Most towns I know of have affordable space like this. Of course, security is still the issue. Get insurance for your gear! ANDY

zemlin Wed, 02/21/2007 - 09:32
IMHO, 9'x10' isn't CLOSE to big enough. By the time you have mics stands, instruments, cables, recording gear, and enough space between folks that you're not on top of each other ... I'd say 15x20 is closer to a "minimum". My room is 12x18, and I wouldn't want to try recording drums in there.

Scoobie Sat, 02/24/2007 - 15:07
http:// .......check out this apartment

Too bad you don't live in the Nashville TN area......
There is all kinds of place's just set up for rehearsal or for recording. Rent by the hour, day, weekend, week or the month.

But if it was me, I would get out of a apartment and find a house.


Pro Audio Guest Wed, 02/21/2007 - 12:43
Noted. Thanks. A self-storage company quoted me a price on a 10' x 20' unit--is more space still advisable even if I'm doing everything solo and separately?

Furthermore, is a climate-controlled, powered, wood-on-the-inside self-storage unit even something to be considered? Can you guys think of any other options I'd have?

JoeH Wed, 02/21/2007 - 12:55
It doesn't sound too appealing, really. You may have some limits in the contract you'll sign for the storage unit. Also, there's probably no plumbing or other personal conveniences, so I'd give that some serious second and third thoughts. (Are they open 24/7, or will your access be limited? What about others coming and going while you're working in there? And then there's curiousity seekers, and those who might want to 'Visit" your gear when you're not there. Self-storage lockers are notorious for being easy to get in and out of, usually via the upper walls and ceilings.)

I rent a 10x15x10 storage unit here for my archives (Climate controlled, pullup garage door etc.) and it's no picnic, no matter what the brochure says. ;-) I don't have AC power, either, so that's a total bummer as well - I can only store things there and rely on hallway (or battery driven) lights. Ugh.

YMMV, but I'd keep looking....