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Suggestions for new firepod compatible-pc ?

Hi everyone, could not make the firepod work on my pc no matter what I tried, so I'm going to purchase some new parts, processor and motherboard and install the 2gig ram from my non-firepod compatible PC.

I would like to get suggestions on what to get, I want something that will work 100% with my firepod, something tested and that will give me a great performance, let me know your suggestions. I'm thinking in the line of Intel's dual core processor + great super compatible motherboard !



cfaalm Wed, 06/20/2007 - 03:59
I have 3 questions for you before you are going to spend money:
Which board is it?
What FireWire chipset is on your old board?
Do you have XP SP2 installed?

If it cannot be helped in the settings you might consider getting a PCI(-e) quality FW add-on card instead of an entire motherboard.

Few more question:
What went wrong? Did you get a buffer overflow? What messages did you encounter?

soulgolem Wed, 06/20/2007 - 09:18
The reason I didn't want to discuss this is because I already posted another thread with my problems and got no replies, I tried 2 firewire ports, one from the motherboard, one from a PCI add-on, they both presented different problems, the first being that the sound was super distorted with some vibrato effect, it presented this problem on 2 windows partitions with both sp1 and sp2, no setting at all could lighten it, and the problem was random, sometimes it would go and come back a minute later, without changing anything. The later (pci firewire chipset) just no audio would be recorded, the pc would recognize the firepod once out of two, and only when the computer is freshly restarted, but even then, it would not record anything. on-board was a VIA chipset, the other a NEC or something. Don't remember the board name, I could check later today.

I want a faster processor anyway, something with 2 cores.


cfaalm Thu, 06/21/2007 - 09:39
If you want to buy a new computer anyway a dual core is certainly the way to go. If you want to build it yourself, which I suggest doing if it is a music PC, you might want to look into a board with a TI firewire chip. Most Gigabyte boards use these.

I do not recognise any of the problems you mention. Safe to say that SP2 with no tweaks brings FW down from 400Mb to 100Mb. That could mean reduced performance, it did on my mLAN network.

Did you read [=""]this[/]="http://support.micr…"]this[/] and did you by any chance check out [[url=http://="http://www.01xray.c…"]this[/]="http://www.01xray.c…"]this[/]. If not in your current system, perhaps in your next.

This is all mLAN stuff, but as you might know, it relies heavily on a good FW chipset.

Good luck!