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Hi everybody..i m about to try OTB summing as i ve been reading all the post here for months..finally i ll try to give a shot but in a different ways..for a start i ve minimal cheapo equipments but some vintage unused at the corner with dust..logic pro submix no plugin ch strips except cla la2a..L1 limiter...
Interface profire lightbridge ADAT out >mr b Ada8000>8 mono channel strips of ramsa wrs4424 direct out>4 stereo channel sumbox>mic preamp drawmer 1960>otari dat..or this set up ok guys?i want opinions..i want some mojo over transformer channels of ramsa..the mix headroom is not just using the channel strips..


Boswell Tue, 07/21/2015 - 09:53

You could certainly set up an audio path for a two-box mixdown using the components you list, but don't forget that this process is only as good as its weakest link. In your case, that could well be the ADA8000.

However, I didn't understand from your post how you propose to manage the panning of the individual mono stems. You don't say what your "4 stereo channel sumbox" consists of, but if it has only stereo inputs, it's unlikely to have pan controls. Panning would be a natural function for the Ramsa mixer, but by taking the channel direct outs, you still have unpanned mono signals, so I'm not sure how you see the Ramsa contributing to the setup in routing terms.

pcrecord Tue, 07/21/2015 - 12:53

kendo radnaksi, post: 430939, member: 48739 wrote: i want some mojo over transformer channels of ramsa..the mix headroom is not just using the channel strips..

I agree with Bos about the ADA8000, OTB is interesting only when you have some trusted converters that won't degrade your signal.
If like you say, you want the mojo of the Ramsa, my first approach would be to track with it.. I don't know how good mojo that mixer offers.. but a lot of what we like about classic mixer can be emulated with the right choice of EQ and Comp. Unless you're going for a saturated sound...

I use sonar x3 that has consol channel and bus emulation. Yes it's doing something to the sound that is quiet pleasing (if you are looking for that sound) but is it better ? No, different ? Yes ! ;)

Many are looking for the special tricks to make their recording sound amazing. In fact, that amazing sound we crave for, is acheived with great sources, the right choice of mics and preamps 90% of the time. Fix it in the mix is an illusion and creating in the mix something that isn't there is quite impossible !

Last women to my studio's quote : '' give me more bass on my vocal '' me : '' There isn't any to start with so I can't add what doesn't exist, I'm sorry'
She : ' Ah, I'm sure you can do something !' Me : 'This is your voice why do you want to change it ?'
She : ' I want to sound like Celine Dion' Me : 'Unless you can rearrange your DNA to match hers, I doubt it would be possible'' ;)

(ok I could find some tricks to add bass, overlapping a bass tone to her notes, using an octaver.. etc.. but the point is you sound like this why not accepting it ? )

kendo radnaksi Tue, 07/21/2015 - 16:36

Ok thank you for a clear reply from both of you..i have digidesign 003 which i think is much better AD/DA than mr B ada8000.
So i ll used it for the otb sum experiments..set up proposed this i ll do a 16 input passive sumbox...

Logic daw with 2drm bus(one parallel)gtr bus..keyboards bus..solo bus..efx bus..all stereo offcourse..kick/snare/bass/vocal all direct out mono..>4 mono channel of ramsa with direct out >4stereo input sumbox..switch to mono..4 stereo for the rest from digi003 output..sumbox output>drawmer1960>Otari dat 16bit 48k....will this set up ok?i want to have a 3d kind of mix diffrent frm itb logic bounce..and this is for a midi playback music with live gtr/vocal..drums using easy drummer2..vst synth..i need some more very good feedback..thanx guys..u are all very knowledgeable..

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