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Sychronization :(

I'm startingf an ambitious project in pro-tools with my old Boss BR-8 (Roland). Using a midi cable I am tring to slave pro-tools to the BR-8. I have had luck in getting the Br-8's transport to control the transprt in Pro-Tools. The big problem is that there is a playback speed difference with both systems. Pro-tools runs faster even though both tempos are the same. Does anyone have any tips for doing this in pro-tools? I have information flowing, but its appears to 'breakdown' when it hits pro-tools.

Here's what a BR-8 is:




Halifaxsoundguy Mon, 05/21/2007 - 09:19

I'm using MTC at 30 ndf. Sample rate of 44.1. Things are not syncing up. I notice that the time on the br-8 will read hours, minutes, seconds then frames but the frames will be a decimal like 29.98 but pro-tools only shows time used, so an example would be 1:24.333 one minute twenty four seconds, but now theres a 3 point decimal wheras the other unit is divided to frames. This has me pulling hair.



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