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Syncing tape machine and DAW

Hi everyone,

I'm confronted with a problem that I just can't seem to fix. Basically I'm trying to sync a 8 track tape machine with my DAW.

I realize there are many different parameters depending on what equipment/software you're using, but here goes:

The tape machine is a Tascam 688 (cassette 8 track)
I'm using a MOTU 828 mkII soundcard, and a MacBook Pro running Logic Pro 8.

I've been able to stripe the tape with no problems. The soundcard MIDI out LED flickers, and monitoring the recorded signal allows you to hear that SMPTE is being sent to tape.

On playback, the soundcard's MIDI in LED lights up, so I guess so far so good.

But Logic Pro won't sync. I've check the SMPTE offset, different frame rates...

Like I said, I realize that it's probably difficult to suggest any solutions unless you've synced a Tascam 688 and Logic Pro 8 via a MOTU 828MKII before, but I do have a couple of basic questions:

-What defines the frame rate you're working at? Logic can be set to detect automatically, but even so...?

-Does the fact that the soundcard is receiving MIDI signal from the tape mean that the problem is within my Logic settings, or is that irrelevant?

-When striping the tape I'm ticking the "Transmit MIDI clock" (via MOTU) and "Transmit MTC" (via MOTU) boxes. Once the tape is ready and I want Logic to become slave, I need to untick these boxes, and select "Transmit MMC", right?

Sorry, long post, any suggestions would be fantastic...

Thanks a lot!