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Take 2: Neotek Console

Well I have the console at my home/studio and am evaluating it. It is a 16 channel 4 bus not a 24 or 26 channel. But that is ok since I really don't need that many. Does anyone have a clue as to what the going price for this board is? It is a series III. Extremely clean but I will need to do some work on replacing switches here and there and recapping it. I'll probably send in the power supply to have them check it. Any info/insight as to the worth of the console would be much appreciated! Thanks


dementedchord Wed, 08/30/2006 - 23:11
$ .02

way cool... does it have the 4 band EQ? love the sound of those things... would be real sweet with say appogee ad/da16's... the place to start as your aware the power supply... get it rebuilt or replaced ya want it real stiff... then you start to consider the recapping of the channels... though it might make more sense to maybe tackle the master section first... would probably make it easier then to assess the channels...

Pro Audio Guest Thu, 08/31/2006 - 06:35
Thanks, but I am not going to sell it. And I know it's worth just slightly more than $400! :D

Thanks for the info...I can recap the board myself but I think I will send out the power supply to Sytek. I don't have the time nor schematics to check the psu. Your right, I will go the route of taking care of the master section first. Actually for sitting as long as it did, the console is in very good working condition. But there are several switches that need to be cleaned/replaced. So far the EQ Pots look pretty good. Yes, it does have four EQ's. It has High, Mid, Low, and HP. I fired up the first channel using an AT 4050 and did some testing with acoustic guitar and vox. Wow! Very nice indeed. Very low noise and punchy. To be honest, I never directly used a Neotek and only knew of their rep. So, I figured the pre's and eq would be good. I am very pleasantly surprised. Plus, I mean really, it looks awesome with blinking lights and knobs galore!

I am even going to start the rumour that part of MJ's "Thriller" album was tracked on this board. It seems that is the rumour to start. So, I have heard that one of the shakers recorded throughout the Thriller album was actually tracked using this board.


schizojames Thu, 08/31/2006 - 09:39
I'll admit, I was trying to fleece ya. How about $500? :wink:

Excellent score, though. It seems hard to find things like this. You know the schools/radio stations/TV stations have to upgrade at some point, but unless you are constantly bugging them or REALLY fortunate with your timing. That reminds me, I gotta go make the rounds.

dementedchord Thu, 08/31/2006 - 11:13
$ .02

i bid 501 ...can i get 502???
if ya want areal neotek story... i can't remember if i read this in mix at the time or was in neoteks lit...
while in the stage of recording basics for what was to become tusk fleetwood mac was contemplating building their own studio... one of the consoles being considered was a neotek... they recieved a channel for testing and loved it so much they requested another so as to do stereo tracks... and the story goes the whole album was recorded on those two channels....

Pro Audio Guest Fri, 09/01/2006 - 06:22
My friend came over last night to see the console and we are pretty certain it is either a series 1 or even one of the originals, and not a series 3. The case is all oak and the modules resemble more of the series 1. It has 4 LED meters for the subs and 2 LED meters for the mains. I'll have to post a pic soon and see if anyone can identify it for certain. I am going to give Sytek a call with the serial number and see if they can tell me what it is. Maybe even supply a manual. Plus I have to talk to them about looking over the psu.

I would consider trading it for two Behringer tube preamps. Those tubes they have just smoke! :wink:

Pro Audio Guest Tue, 10/17/2006 - 01:44
Well I would imagine the pres and eq's are similar to the elite... I have an elite. The pres are pretty good, good for filler pres. I like the eq alot. But I don't think the series 1,2,3, elan are fully parametric like the elite.
It should be a good board for you, I love my elite.

I wouldn't send the ps to sytek. I had both of my supplies blow about a month ago. Sytek wanted $1000 per power supply to refurbish... $3000 per ps for a new one.

My tech fixed both and recapped in 1 day for $320 including all the new caps.

You can get the schematics for it though right from sytek. $150 or so