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Take the liquidmix challenge

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This challenge provides ten different excerpts; each features a dry sample, followed by two processed samples, A and B. One of these is processed through the original vintage or classic hardware, the other through a Liquid Mix emulation of the same unit. The question is, ‘which is which?

I scored 70% correct but, my ears preferred the liquid mix (go figure).

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15 years 6 months

Imaginaryday Tue, 12/04/2007 - 18:29
patrick_like_static wrote: I was surprised by how often I chose the Liquid Mix, though I suspect this "challenge" is a little skewed.

it could very well be.
i've had liquidmix for three months and i love what it does for the money (paid $500.) The fact that i can run 32 mono track per session is sweet.

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TheFraz Wed, 12/05/2007 - 05:53
I could hear a clear difference most of the time.
Considering that none of them were too far off, its pretty surprising. but the guys behind th samples did not do a very could just compressing and EQing.
I would need to hear either my self, or some one I know to be good with gear A/B the two before I would every consider it an appropriate comparison.