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Tape Deck

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Despite some very good advice from a highly-regarded member of this and other recording forums to go digital all the way (right now I have a single ADAT with analog console and mixture of analog and digital outborad units), I feel a visceral need to have an analog tape deck. Actually, I am thinking about an analog 8-track reel-to-reel, so that I can begin to learn how to make music using one of these things, how to operate it, maintain it, etc. (like, for example, I have no idea what it means to speak about "relapping" heads). PLus, it might even sound good. Can you folks recommend a decent unit that might generally be available, either new or used, for not too much money? I have no idea how these things price out, so I don't know how to set my expectations. I have seen a few units on eBay, but I have no basis for evaluating them. However, I imagine that anything north of $2k would be too expensive an investment at this time, or is that completely unrealistic?