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tapes storage and analog troubles

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I've just bought a Tascam ATR80/24, 2" 24 track, and I'm facing the usual problem with analog:
tape storage
heads demagnetizing
electronic calibration

and so on.

Anyway, I've found a paper on Quantegy website, telling that reels should be stored in a 45/50% humidity environment, and with 20°. The temperature is not a problem, but where I live the humidity is around 55/60%.

I tried to lower the humidity in teh studio, but it seems very difficult (and exapnsive).

So', I ve been tol dby my wife that exist a kind of small bool full with hygro-salt, that I should put in a cabine with the reels.

I would liek to knwo if it can be a viable solution, or any advice you can give me on tape storage. .



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21 years 3 months

Ang1970 Fri, 04/13/2001 - 07:06
If you want to attempt that, you should also get a humidity guage from the hardware store.

Put the salt thing in the cabinet along with the guage, and monitor the humidity over a number of days before you put any tapes in. If it doesn't keep hum. consistent, you'll need to find a more controlled solution. There are electronic de-humidifier systems that range from a couple hundred to a couple thousand $$. (US$)

If you turn songs around (and get a client/record label to buy the masters) in a year or less, 55-60% hum. won't be a problem. If they'll sit on the shelf 3 or more years, you should look into building a proper temp. & hum. controlled closet.

Hope that helps.