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Tascam DA88 Sync to Digi 002 Rack

How do I sync a Tascam DA88 to a Digidesign 002 Rack in order to track transfers? Which is the best method: Da88 as Master or as Slave? I have a SY-88 card in my DA88.


Pro Audio Guest Mon, 10/09/2006 - 21:59
I am needing to transfer 16 tracks, 8 tracks at a time. The actual audio is not the problem. I would like to sync the first 8 tracks with the last 8 I transfer in Protools LE. A few years back I sync'd the DA88s with a PC just using a midi cable an adaptor cable which connected to the joystick port on my sound card, but I can't remember the settings for the SY88 dip switches or the midi channels and such. I would think the Digi 002 would be somewhat the same as it has midi connections but I don't know about the timecode or any translations. This may be Midi Machine Control or MMC. Thanks for any help, RNRDAWG

TVPostSound Wed, 10/11/2006 - 07:42
SY88 Dip switch #6 should be down to convert LTC on tape to MTC out.
But if you have V 4.0 or higher software, that can be done through the soft keys.

The DA88 will spit out MTC through the MIDI port, and Protools will be the MTC slave chase.

The DA88 does have timecode, right??? I cant remember if ABS TC can be converted to MTC.

Pro Audio Guest Thu, 10/12/2006 - 04:36
Thanks to all who have replied! Here's where I stand. I have connected a midi cable from the DA88's Midi Out on the SY88, set the S1 switches to #2 up and all others down, S2 are all up, and S3 are all down. Then I've connected the midi cable to the 002 Midi In. When I press TC GEN the DA88 I get a solid Midi Light on port 1 and I can see "Incoming Time Code" in the Session setup,but no action on the 002.
I also Turned all this around so the 002 would "Drive" the Da88 and get the same results reversed, Midi out on the 002 was lit. There has to be a basic set I'm missing. Please help! Thanks, RNRDAWG