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Hi guys,

I'm a beginner and do most of my recordings on a software platform (Nuendo) as opposed to hardware (have a mAudio 2496 and a mic preamp with a couple of decent mics)...recently went to a "Going Out Of Business" sale at a studio near my place and picked up a Tascam Portastudio 424 mkII for $100...

has anyone used this product before? can i integrate this with my Nuendo?...any way for me to improve my recordings now that i have this?

please advise...


realdynamix Mon, 10/13/2003 - 18:23

Originally posted by Kaushik:
...any way for me to improve my recordings now that i have this?

:) I could see it providing some extra input capability, perhaps some outboard effects integration. It could be a decent remote capture recorder, though limited, it is lite, and portable. Other than all that, synchronizing this to your existing system would be near impossible if you wanted to bounce between the 2 mediums. :d:

For 100.00, I would be enticed too! You could do some primary tracks with it, bounce them to your digital rig, and get some analog feel into your recordings. But it would have to be first tracks, for there would be tough going matching steady speed with a second pass.