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Tascam US-200 audio interface newbie questions...

I am new to audio interfaces and I have a few questions. I know that most of these should probably go directly to Tascam as pre-sales questions, but I'm wondering about the issues in general and how the answers apply to any brand of audio interface.

1) Is the audio signal sent into the computer through the USB connection? If so, what is the purpose of the unbalanced RCA jacks?

2) Can any audio software (like Audacity or Adobe Soundbooth) be used with this unit, or does it have to be used with the included software?

3) When 2 mics are used at the same time, are the signals separated into individual tracks? Or are the 2 voices mixed into 1 stream?

4) To use the MIDI input, does the MIDI signal then travel into the computer via the USB connection or would I need a MIDI card in my computer to input the MIDI data?

I just want to understand the fundamentals of this sort of interface. Anything anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated.


jimmys69 Wed, 05/04/2011 - 19:01

1. Yes. The rca connectors are audio outputs for monitors.

2. Almost any. I don't believe Protools will work because of Tascams system control of buffer size.

3. The two inputs are recorded separately on individual tracks in your DAW.

4. Midi is fed to computer via USB. The interface 'is' your MIDI card as well as your soundcard.

Welcome to the quest!