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[tech req] Resolution and Latency

I've noticed a funny thing
just to do a test with a random software (in this case, any from Native Instruments) setting my soundcard to operate at 48Khz will produce a latency of "X", setting it to 96Khz will produce a latency of "X/2" (half...), and setting it to 192Khz will produce a gorgeus 1ms latency.

Why this? with more resolution it is logical to suppose that tha amount of calculation will arise greatly. how come? can someone explain it to me? :( :( :(


Kev Mon, 05/15/2006 - 14:09
a given calculation may require x number of cycles and use a given number of samples

double the sample rate doesn't change the calculation required
BUT does change the REAL TIME it takes to get that number of cycles and that given number of samples through

latency is still X samples
but it take half the time to get there

this is one of the techy reason that the higher rates like 88.2 may be desirable even if you can't hear a sound improvement