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The Vox AC4TV

So this little 4 watt Vox has been getting stellar reviews all over the place, and piqued the interest of those in my little town. I'm pretty seriously leaning towards getting one, primarily for recording purposes and (possibly) small gigs, as I'm not really a guitar player, preferring its lower-pitched, four-string cousin. Has anyone used one, or heard one? I'm kind of flying blind here, as the closest real music store is four hours away. I like the noise Voxes make, but I haven't ever come up with a real justification to shell out for an AC-15, at least not yet (especially with a short list of rather more essential things to get, like monitors and such), and the line of thinking that small amps can=big recorded guitar sound intrigues me. Has anyone had any experience with this amp that would lead them to advise me to steer clear? Any experience with it at all uncolored by typical reviewer's hype or typical guitar player "d00d killer t0ne d00d"?

For some reason I trust the ears on this board more than the rest of the Internet.


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song4gabriel Sun, 09/06/2009 - 14:59

i have one and i like it alot for recording (although i happen to love low wattage amps).
it has an attentuator switch which allows you to get the crunch at different master volume settings. for me this is critical because i usually record at night and i have neighbors.

it's definitely not an ac30. but it will get you the "vox sound". it is miles ahead of the crappy "ad" series amps they put out (which i had to learn the hard way). it also takes pedals pretty well (i get great results with an 808 tubescreamer)-you will probably want eq pedal in your chain for a little bass definition..

if it is not practial to have an ac30 or 15 (as they are both very loud) and/or your finances wont allow it, i would say you will be happy with the ac4.
unless you play primarily metal- then i'd pass on it

there a few videos on it and this one here is excellent as it shows both the combo and the head/cab.