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Top vocal compressor choices

  • Which compressor made the most impressive impression on vocals?
  • Which 2 would be your top picks


Paul999 Fri, 01/13/2012 - 22:46

audiokid, post: 382704 wrote: Mine chain is: kick panned L, snare panned R > MixDream channel 1&2 set to mono> insert TD L&R > . I am experimenting with the A-Designs Nail but its so awesome I want it on the 2-bus and why I'm thinking I need a few 1176 or the API 2500 with the drums. I'm thinking about a few differnt EQs and the API sound pretty right on yes?

I use the SPL Passeq right now, inserted in my Dangerous Master MS bus after my MixDream. Its amazing.

Ha I bet the nail is awesome. I had a massive passive on loan for while and though it was great for a lot it ruled the 2-bus like nobodies business.

I found for me personally I found that one 1176 was better then 2 for kick and snare rather then one on kick and one on snare. This way the kick and snare live and breathe together. I don't know if anyone else does this and really don't care:-) I've never really gotten into the drum bus compression. To me overheads always suffer. I started doing drum bus compression without overheads and eventually took toms out ending up where I am. I find with TD, eq and automation I get what I need from toms.

EQ- I've used, ssl, JDK, API, D&R, toft, Purple, Tonelux and more. The API's have that "something". Not just eq but heft. The high end on the 550b's are something special. They do not get harsh. They sound a minute amount lo-fi but cool. Very hard to describe. When I use my tonelux eq's they are very good but they don't do that "thing". The 550b's also seem to compress a little to. After I mix if I do self mastering I use a pair of tonelux and a pair of API 550b's. Together these tamed my lust for a massive passive.

Bottom line If all I had was API 550b's on every channel I'd be happy.