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Toronto for some experience?

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I'm in the Western New York are, and Toronto is about three hours from my house give/take depending on traffic. I was wondering if any one had some experience with what is going on in Toronto, my friend is a very good jazz pianist, and may be going up for a few months. I was wondering if the recording scene was doing as poorly as most of the areas in the region.



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RemyRAD Fri, 11/07/2008 - 11:57
Well, eight years ago, it was cheaper for Americans to record in Canada as our dollar was worth 45% more back then. Now, I think it costs more money for us to record up in Canada. You can thank the greedy American Republican's for that. Just not sure why Caucasian Americans along with Caucasian Canadians have to prove that we're both North American Caucasians to each other? Of course that's not quite applicable to any other folks of different backgrounds. And here I didn't renew my passport 10 years ago. It was a lousy picture anyway.

Of course I think Canadians, like the British are much more disciplined in how they work? As far as the music scene? Every creative city at least has a music scene & Toronto is one of those cities. Now I would question Altoona Pennsylvania? I don't think the musicians there play in Altoona. In fact, I think they play Outatuna, along with the local sushi bar? So you'd never want to record there as their sushi bars may be like their musicians? Of course I would make for a good album title? "OUTATUNA IN ALTOONA. The movie"

I don't know about you? I'll Tekka' Maki any day.
As Remy Ann David