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Total newbie - help recording guitar please!

Hi guys,

as the subject suggests, I am a complete and total newbie at this whole music recording thing. I own a guitar (Takamine NP-15C) and a computer with a Creative SB Audigy LS soundcard.
I don't have any kind of cables or knowledge on what I need to combine the two in order to record to my PC (not even sure if the Audigy LS allows recording?).

If anyone has the patience to talk me through the most basic setup possible, I'd be very thankful (I'm not looking for great sounds at the moment as I just want to learn what this is all about).

Also, can anyone recommend any total beginner's books on recording to your PC (books that don't assume that everyone knows what MIDI, amp and mixers are).

Thanks in advance :D



Pro Audio Guest Sun, 03/05/2006 - 21:26

Well, I've been recording for about a year now, and I've done recording on my pc many times. You will need a program for your computer to record. You can get sony ACID express online from , its a program that allows you to record ten different "tracks" on each song. I'm assuming your guitar is acoustic-electric (as in you can plug it in), if your guitar is, then you need to use a cable to plug it into your computer sound card, plug it into LINE IN. Also, you will need a plug from radioshack, called 1/4 inch to 1/8 plug so you can plug the guitar cable into the soundcard on the computer. Good luck, just post another reply for help. Also, an amp is something you plug in to amplify your sound, you don't need to really worry about midi, and amixer is just something to level out multiple inputs of instuments and such.

Pro Audio Guest Mon, 03/06/2006 - 05:41
This is a good site to help you understand all the different levels of recording set ups, with explinations, graphics, the whole nine yards,,

Although the site endorses some of the gear mentioned through out the pages, i would suggest using it more to get an understanding of what gear does, how it's set up, then asking for actually gear ideas that is best for you here on RO

have a good read


Pro Audio Guest Thu, 03/09/2006 - 09:31
You may want to mic the guitar rather than direct connecting to the sound card. That's really how it's done in the recording world and sounds best (my opinion). Get a cheap mic, spend at least $30.00 or so. It should include a cable (hopefully 1/8" the small headphone jack style plug). Plug that into the microphone connection on your sound card...

Download some of the mentioned software, aim the mic towards ya, and strum away (on acoustic, aim it at the amp on an electric of course) Make sure you turn off any speakers you may have to avoid feedback. Go back later on a 2nd track and record some vocals or another instrument. The software will then let you tweak the sound.