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TOTO sound?

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My friend came to me and ask me, if I would produce hI'm an album.

His reference is TOTO!

So in next few weeks I'll have to produce TOTO sound... :)

Please help me out with some ideas how is that music mixed and what kind of recording equipment is used.

I think it is mostly tape.. and live instruments... I am wondering it is possible to achive 80% of that live sound with good samples (ofcourse not for the base guitar or acustic guitar) but maybe drums..hmm? Couse I really dont think I will have the budget and time to record that kind of drums...

p.s. if anybody knows the enginerr who was there with TOTO dont hesitate to conntact me :)

take care, M.U.


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mixfactory Thu, 02/21/2002 - 09:24
Which Toto? Early 80's(Rosanna, Africa) or late 80's-early 90's Toto? Just get the best studio players in your country and make a band!!! Basically that was Toto in a nutshell. They had a lot of great engineers at different times. George Massenburg did one of their albums(it was one of their last one's). I think Elliot Scheiner did a couple(I could be wrong on this one) and also Al Schmidt. I liked the early Toto best(to me the songs were better), but at that time they were one of the most ripped apart bands(they were a rock critics dream band to rip, everything wrong with pop/rock they said. Too mechanical, too perfect. Sounds like they were describing Protools to me). They inspired a slew of studio player type bands(Mr. Mister, Level 42, and others). Good luck on this will need it.