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Trident 80B

Hi my name is Sebastien, I'm an happy Trident 80B owner and i have a
Ok I used to record with my trident and send my stuff in Protools..I mix in Pro Tools (cause I haven't total recall) and I send my playback again in the Trident. Should I use the stereo out Bus from the trident to get the all summ in Pro Tools ? or there is a better way through the trident to do this ?
Thank you very much, friendly Sebastien


AudioGaff Wed, 10/10/2007 - 19:55
Greetings and welcome to RO. The Trident 80B has a great reputation. Now here is where the tough love begins...

Do what YOU think sounds best and/or what is needed to be done to get the results you are after. ONLY YOU can make these decisions. Don't be swayed by by others peoples opinion on how they do things or think you should do things. Try out your options and come to your own conclusions. That is what real engineers do.

You do know what exact results you are after right? No point asking or going any furher until you have that part understood and resolved.




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