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Trident S20 haters and input.

Hey guys,

I'm borrowing a Trident S20 for a few weeks, and I just hooked it up. I've been comparing it to my Brick and my Tascam FW1884 pres, and I actually think it's pretty good.

Right now I've got an Oktava MK319 on a Squier 15 amplifier (I'm using a POS amp for this for a reason) and I've been going back and forth through all of the pres. Sound quality alone. the Brick is more focused in the low-mid, the Trident is more focused in the hi-mid/hi end, and the FW1884 sounds rather froggy...not foggy...froggy compared to both. not something that is pleasing to say the least.

Both the Brick and Trident have nice detail and reveal a lot of the garbage that you don't hear in the room, and some pleasing little details. Since the Trident seems to have more focus "up top" it makes the guitar "bite" nicely and almost sounds like it is more clear overall, but I think that is just mind tricky since there is more focus in the hi end.

Honestly, it is a toss of the coin to say which I like more on this an actual session I'd use both which would probably give me a nice full guitar tone.

Keep in mind, I've never had the priviledge of using a Seb, Great River, API or any other good pre so my input is pretty uneducated.

This week I'm starting an album for a local band and plan to put this f&cker to work to see if I think it is worth $1k. (Guitar Center can do it out the door for $828.50...that is a promise because I have my friend's receipt in the box).

Kurt...can I do an actual review of this unit and submit it to you after I've used this thing to it's limits? It won't hurt my feelings if you don't use it because I know I'm not a great writer.

So do the people that don't like this pre dislike it only because of the politics surrounding John Oram or because you think it is a crappy unit that isn't worth the money?


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