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tube pre amp

Hi all, I'm looking for a two channel tube pre. Tube preamps are new to me and I believe that this will smooth-en out the slight razor edge of my 03D and the 888/24, right?
What would your choice preamp be?

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Ang1970 Wed, 09/13/2000 - 18:29
The Cranesong Flamingo might be just what you're looking for. Or maybe 2 channels of clean class A pre's (GML, Avalon, Millenium, etc.) plus a HEDD. Check 'em out at the Mercenary website. Fletcher is a real straight shooter, no bull, no runaround. [url="(dead link removed)[/url]

Apogees are excellent front end for clean input to PT, and more stable clock than 888 or even USB. Don't throw the 888 away tho! It's still good for AES input. You don't want to waste the AD$8000 i/o's on that.

Not sure I understand your question about tubes compressing... all devices will compress if you drive em hard enuf. Tube pre's will not automatically add compression, unless that's a feature on the piece. But even without a compressor, it might _sound_ kinda like compression when compared to a cheap solid state pre plugged into the 888. Capisci?


Angelo Quaglia
AQ Productions

Member Tue, 09/19/2000 - 12:35
snipped from DUC

As one of the engineers/mixers for Britney, 'N Sync, BackStreet Boys, I can tell you my own experience with the huge vocal sound that we achieve. I use the Manley Reference Cardiod Mic & a Tube-Tech CL1-B among other things. This combination gives a very present sound. As far as BG Vox, I compress about 8-10 dB when recording and maybe another 5-6 when mixing. We do anywhere from 40-80 tracks of BG's depending on the song and the structure of the harmonies. When I am doing the Ruff Mixes, I use a combination of the Waves Renaissance Compressor and the Focusrite D2 and the Waves De-esser for both Leads and BG's. This is the best combo of plugs that I have found if you don't have Avalon's and GML's available.
As far as Auto-Tune & VocAlgin. We NEVER use them on BG's. The slight variation in pitch and timing creates some of the wideness that you here in the records. I know that this music seems pretty formulated and stale to all of you critics out there. The reality is that we spend a great deal of time, energy, and effort to get the productions to the level that they are at.
Remember we are not making records so Audiophiles and Critics to judge our work but to provide a product aimed at the majority of the record buying public. The bottom line is all about the song, the song and the song.

Hope this helps...

(Snipped from DUC)

Member Tue, 09/26/2000 - 09:29
I like using the Avalon VT 737 sm not sp(a black face version from Mercenary Audio, it's about $300.00 cheaper than the aircraft alum face one but still the same unit) only it's single chanel w/ compresson and EQ but sounds great . If I have a screamer I bypass the comp and use a Purple MC76 to limit.

If your handy I have built an old Altec design with Jensen trans that really sound good. We A/B it to our Tube-Tech MP 1A Not a lot of difference. Contact me and I'll give you the details.

David L. Black
Old House Recording Studio - Gastonia, NC[/email] (edited 09-26-2000).]

e-cue Thu, 10/05/2000 - 01:35
Try a/b'ing any other mic pre with the pre on the 737. It's a great chain, don't get me wrong. But I've found that if I use most board mic pre's & the 737's compressor/eq, it sounds better. A m7 & 737 is a sweet combo.
A real cheap alternative is the Behringer Ultragain, which I endorse. It's under $200 and sounds great. The eq leaves a little to be desired. It isn't aes/ebu. The studer valve is incredible with aes.

lwilliam Fri, 10/06/2000 - 08:21
I would recommend listening to 3D Audio's Mic Pre CD. It changed my mind about tube vs solid state and about some VERY expensive mic pre's compared to something around $1000.

Check it out at [url="(dead link removed)[/url]

I make nothing from the sale of those CDs, BTW.

The Flamingo was one of my top choices, also, and it's NOT a tube pre.


Member Sat, 10/07/2000 - 05:50
I agree. if you want a tube pre amp, and you want to do it right, you have to spend mega-$$$. however don't be under the impression that ONLY tube pres will warm up your sound. the Flamingo (and just about everything from Crane Song) are excellent. look around and when you find the brand you want, ask people about it. or better yet see if you can audition one. only YOU know what sounds good...

audiokid Tue, 10/31/2000 - 12:08
I recieved this from a friend, anyone used this pre, is it dated now?

48V phantom, 40/60hz pads,two band classic tone controls and four tubes per channel. This is not a fake pretend to be a classic tube pre it is a accurate reproduction of something you would have purchased in late 1960's.

I feel very good about this preamp because I assisted in the design from the ground up five years ago, it was built to my spec to a tee.....

cost$1,400.00 CDN

essential in the use of digital recordings I and many others feel>

MMazurek Tue, 10/31/2000 - 13:02
I really like the Manley dual mono. You can adjust the negative feedback to increase/decrease the 'tube' effect. (more warm/hot to remarkably clean & clear) You also have two options for output: XLR balanced through a handwound custom transformer (warmer) and 1/4" unbalanced bypassing the transformer (cleaner). (Flamingo has similar features, but I haven't heard it)

Love the 737sp also. The comp/eq are very nice. Great on vox, bass, DI bass. Haven't tried it on other stuff. (yet)

Just picked up a TLAudio EQ-2 dual channel tube pre w/tube EQ. Haven't really used it enough to compare to the others I have.

I like options, but it gets rather expensive.